Jerome Villagracia | Product Designer, UX/UI & Art Direction

Comic Blitz Sign Up



Comic Blitz is a subscription based e-book comics app for iPad that features a growing library of comic books and graphic novels from many popular publishers.



My Role

To prepare for the Summer 2015 release of the Comic Blitz app, CEO Jordan Plosky reached out to design a fully responsive launch site and on-boarding process to acquire new paid subscribers, and we worked together to define the goals and needs of the project.


Our main objective was to get visitors excited and eager to sign up when they visit the Comic Blitz website for the first time. We needed needed very clear messaging and an attractive UI to peek visitor's interest about this brand new service.




We studied competing businesses that offering a similar product to Comic Blitz as well as subscription based service websites to track what we felt worked well and what did not work well. As a business that is fairly new to the subscription based market, we realized that simplicity in design and efficiency in on boarding was key to a successful launch.