User experience and visual design for employer/employee time-tracking app, PunchClock. The app utilized facial recognition to ensure the correct employees were accurately logging into the company's system at the start of the day as well as logging out at the end of the day.


My Role

As the Product Designer specializing in both user experience and visual design, my role for the PunchClock project was to develop an intuitive clock-in and clock-out user experience utilizing facial recognition and employee schedule management, as well as establishing the user interface design.

The Goal

The primary goal was to develop an experience in which an iPad station is set up at the workplace's entrance in which employees would use to clock-in and clock-out through out the work day. HR would be able to verify hours worked, and employees can keep track of their own logged hours using an accompanying mobile app.


User Flows & Wireframes

Possible use cases were identified and solved during the UX design process. This involved high-level user flows and wireframing, before moving into the next step of hi-fidelity visual design.


High-Fidelity UI