Provide REVOLVE customers a simple, yet immersive and personal shopping experience throughout desktop and mobile. Integration of popular social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest played an important role in connecting with our current customers as well as future customers, which in turn would lead to high conversions and sales.



I worked closely with the Senior Product Designer, development team and Director of Product to collaborate on user-flows, user experience, UI design and branding consistencies. We also collaborated to adapt important desktop experiences such as Checkout, Search and Size Guides into a rich mobile experience without any compromise.



Several rounds of competitor analysis and testing was vital for a seamless shopping experience. The Product Development worked closely together to pick and choose which features from our competition we felt best suited our customer and user base. From there, extensive study of optimal user journeys were conducted to ensure the best user experience with the ultimate goal of driving more sales and increasing conversion.


High-Fidelity UI

From the REVOLVE UI pattern library, we designed the main shopping screens for the mobile app based on the work done in the UX research phase. Pulling design assets from the pattern library ensured consistent branding and product styling across both desktop and mobile.


Testing & Optimization

All user journeys, features and pages were tested and validated by analyzing the data gathered from user interaction throughout desktop and mobile. We were able to identify where changes in user flow were successful and where the bottlenecks in the shopping experience were and address them accordingly. This type of testing process became integral to optimizing the shopping experience and maximizing conversion.