As the proprietary social media gallery for REVOLVE Clothing's e-commerce website, the #REVOLVEME project encouraged customers to share their new REVOLVE purchases on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook for a chance to be featured in the highly-visible desktop and mobile online gallery.


My Role

As the Lead UI/Visual Designer for this project, I worked closely with our UX designer, and together we conducted market and usability research to understand what the best experience would be for our users. We worked closely with marketing and our back-end developers to ensure all desired features would function perfectly.

The Goal

The goal for the #REVOLVEME project was to increase company revenue and sales by showcasing a user-content generated gallery of products purchased and worn by our customers. Users would be able to browse this gallery, and see exactly which products that person was wearing by providing a link to that product's page.



Several rounds of competitor analysis and testing was vital for a successful launch of this feature. The Product Development worked closely together to pick and choose which features from the competition we felt best suited our customer and user base. From there, extensive study of user flows and wireframes were conducted to ensure optimal user experience, followed by final UI / visual design and development.


High-Fidelity UI