Our web team at Ubiquiti Networks was tasked with redesigning and rethinking of the user interface and experience for an out-of-date and broken Support page. The old Support page at that time suffered from a confusing, slow and inefficient user experience which did not serve well for a page that has more than 200,000 visitors per week.


My Role

As the UI / Visual Designer for Ubiquiti's web space, I worked closely with the community team and stakeholders to research exactly how our customers interact with our Support page in order to rethink an experience that serves our customers exactly how they expect.

The Goal

The primary goal for the Support page redesign was to design a user experience that functioned quickly and efficiently for the majority of our users, so that they can come into the page, find exactly the firmware or documentation they need and then finally download it. 



Clear communication across several different teams within the company was key in designing an efficient user experience. From our collected user feedback, we discovered efficiency as the key component in developing a better designed Support page for our users. We implemented quick points of user interaction such as auto-complete and auto-load search as well as a thorough product navigation tree which would display to our users only the most up-to-date firmwares and documentations available for download.


High-Fidelity UI