iOS user experience and visual redesign for financial broker, Vanguard. The original iOS app at the time suffered from a clunky, inefficient user experience and dated UI design, and did not give enough immediate insight into a user's financial standings upon launch of the app.


My Role

I took it upon myself to conceptualize, rethink and redesign Vanguard's approach to mobile financial management. This involved doing research of other financial institution's mobile apps, and using that data to inform my design decisions.

The Goal

My goal for this project was to clean up and rethink the original user experience of the Vanguard app, and give users a clear overview of their financial portfolio. I wanted users to be presented with the information they cared about the most upon launching the app.



Studying the way I interacted with the original Vanguard iOS app, I took notes and screenshots on specific UX interactions and visual designs that needed significant improvements.


High-Fidelity UI