My Role

As Lead Product Designer, I'm involved in all aspects of design and development for the Workmates product. This includes designing the product itself, as well as managing the project by working closely with the Product Managers and other stakeholders, delegating design tasks to the team, approving work, and collaborating with the developers to ensure design is built to spec and functioning correctly.


The Problem

Many companies have a disconnect between the different departments, and often times employees are not aware of what other department or employees are working on. This type of disconnect leads to lower productivity and an awkward work environment.


The Solution

Our goal as a company was to build a product that helps teams foster a culture of recognition, transparency and productivity by allowing employees to engage and communicate with each other, as well as reward each other for good work.



The large, over-arching challenge was to design an experience of the Workmates social platform that would integrate seamlessly into the existing human resources management system. HR Cloud's powerful features provide a valuable service for HR admins to manage employees data, however it lacked any value for normal employees beyond the initial onboarding process.

Together with the CEO, Product Managers and Design Team, we collaborated to find solutions that would bring value and usefulness to normal employees. After defining the initial product features and objectives, our product team worked together to plan the business objectives and roadmap for Workmates.


Competitive Analysis




  • Praise system build into the company social feed.
  • Can give praise to multiple employees in an organization at the same time.


  • Praise badges do not have particular achievements attached to them.
  • Cannot give praise to specific teams or groups.
  • Sterile looking UI and a boring user experience.
  • No analytics to track praise.

Bamboo HR


  • Robust and powerful employee management lifecycle application.
  • Decent looking UI and branding.
  • Many different types of reports and analytics to review for employees.


  • No social or engagement aspect for employees.
  • Recognition and rewards system is non-existent.
  • Not employee facing, however it is valuable for HR admins and managers of a company.



  • Analytics tracking for admins and managers.
  • Integration for several popular applications such as Slack.
  • Microbonuses can be redeemed for various rewards.


  • No badges associated with praise that is given.
  • Feed is not robust, and user experience is boring.
  • Admin and manager focused.

User Flows & Wireframes


High-Fidelity UI



This process was challenging for our team because of our limited design resources, but approaching the problems with the stakeholders, Product Managers and CEO in a collaborative environment with an emphasis on clear communication and visibility helped our team not only grow stronger, but also helped us ship a quality product under intense pressure. By using the product internally at first, the company as a whole provided very useful feedback and user data to help us iterate better versions.