The CoreHR product within the HR Cloud suite needed a customizable and scalable workflow for managers within a company to approve certain changes about an employee such as a change in salary or a simple time-off request. This workflow needed to be flexible enough to pass through more than one manager's approval and integrate seamlessly with the existing applications within the HR Cloud suite.



Working closely with the Product Managers and Dev Leads for CoreHR, we created the requirements and overall user experience for the approval workflow. Together, we identified any and all dependencies this functionality interacted with in terms of how it behaves within each product vertical. After user flow was solidified, screens were designed then prototyped using InVision and tested using UserTesting.com. Using the feedback from our user tests, we iterated through various executions until our team felt confident in a design that provided the best user experience, at which point we sent the final UI to development.


Post Launch & Improvements

We learned how users were interacting with the approval workflow using real-world data and feedback from our customers. With these learnings, we further optimized the experience and addressed issues or concerns that appeared fairly consistently, an example being the Approve and Deny call-to-actions not being overtly visible. Overall, the design was a success and proved to be a wildly useful feature within CoreHR.